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Mandala Coffee Table

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Inspiration:Rooted in the traditional circular geometry used for meditation, mandalas reflect a journey of disappearance and reappearance—a philosophy akin to the circular economy that we embrace wholeheartedly. Our entire range is inspired by these intricate designs, created parametrically and through digital fabrication.

Highlight Piece:Meet our Mandala Coffee Table – the perfect combination of chic and cosy for your living space. Crafted from an eco-friendly blend of fermented sugar and wood, this 3D printed coffee table is one-of-a-kind.

Versatile Design:Ideal for both workspaces and home settings, it aims to become a true signature piece in your décor. Choose between a sleek glass top or a pure natural look to match your personal style.

Personalisation:This piece of furniture is more than a surface for your coffee; it's an invitation to make your space truly yours.