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Mandala Stool Brown Wood

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Inspiration:Rooted in the traditional circular geometry used for meditation, mandalas reflect a journey of disappearance and reappearance—a philosophy akin to the circular economy that we embrace wholeheartedly. Our entire range is inspired by these intricate designs, created parametrically and through digital fabrication.
Highlight Piece:Our Wood-Colored Mandala Stools are all about bringing a warm, natural feel to your space. Crafted from bioplastics with a hint of wood, it has a cosy, earthy look that fits right into any setting.
Versatile Design:With their unique hourglass shape, our Mandala stools aren't just seating options. Whether you're using them to hold a cup of coffee, to sit, or as a stand for your favourite plant, these stools adapt to your needs and blend functionality with creativity.
Personalisation:Each stool is crafted with attention to detail, and slight variations in each material batch ensure that not all are exactly the same, adding a distinct character to each piece.

Material: Wood PLA